21 Day Cleanse, Done. Glimpse Into Day 22...

So it's Day 22. Metaphorically speaking, THE FLOODGATES ARE OPEN!!! I rushed into the kitchen, to find a smoothie waiting for me. My lunch consisted of a corn tortilla, hard boiled egg, salsa, and 1/2 an avocado. Dinner, turkey meatloaf, steamed potatoes, asparagus, and roasted cauliflower.

Wait a minute...

The changes I made over the past three weeks, weren't for naught. Stepping back from food for pleasure or food on a whim, had a very strong impact on me. I'm gaining more and more insight into consuming food for fuel and food that is nourishing my body and mind. My body feels the strongest it has in quite sometime and it's all because of my efforts. I've consistently upped my water intake and have been walking or hiking regularly.

The record of my activity, looks like this:

So far in January, I moved my body 63 miles in 17 hours. SIXTY THREE MILES, via hiking, running, or walking. I went to the gym last night and I've been practicing yoga. When I log into DailyMile, I feel proud for what I have accomplished and it inspires me to keep going. I feel a strong desire to add to my exercise journal every single day. In case you were wondering, my jeans slide right on now. Ultimately that's how I gauge my weight, by how my jeans fit. It's not about a number to me. 

I am grateful the 21 day mind and body challenge started me on the right track, it was the key to my inspiration and confidence building. I set myself up for success, which was something I needed to keep the momentum going. Another awesome part of my challenge, the number of people I have inspired to do their own challenge. The number is up to 7! I wish them success and insight on their journey. 



  1. You are awesome! Nice work, Denise!

  2. You did it! I never doubted you wouldn't. I'm so glad you gained so much insight. I was certainly inspired reading about your journey.

  3. Woo-hoo! So awesome Denise. So proud of you and excited for you! You certainly are inspirational!!!


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