Mesa Trail Hike, Excuses Are No Longer My Obstacle.

A year ago I set my sights on Mesa Trail,
Eldorado Springs to Chautauqua Park. 
Not ice, snow, clouds, or strong winds would inhibit me today, 
the obstacles I conveniently created in fairer weather have been lifted.

Some water on my back, a banana, and a tangerine. 
Gloves on, hat pulled down closely, I'm cold. 
Sun is shining, coat unzipped, gloves off, I'm sweating. 
I progress, one foot simply in front of the other. 

My mind often contemplates if I'm going the right way. 
Can I follow the wrong trail marker? 
While I frequently seek physical confirmation, 
it's a trail of prior footsteps in the snow that leads my way. 

I convince myself at one point, I am just a short way from home. 
I don't have to do the whole trail today. 
Instead I turn away from home and just keep moving along. 
I feel comfort on the trail I know, as many miles were new to me. 

I turned a corner to a wide open space. 
Chautauqua Park at my feet, 8 miles behind me. 
I had arrived. 
Excuses were no longer my obstacle. 

Accomplished, satisfied, proud. 


  1. That's FANTASTIC! Way to go! It's such a great feeling to accomplish something physical. And don't you always feel great afterwards? Keep it up!

  2. Awesome! I could feel the positive energy of your satisfaction. Nothing like a great hike and bit of a challenge to make you feel like you can take on the world! I always look forward to getting back to Colorado and the mountains and their healing energy!

  3. Love your words and the visualization of your trek. You are doing so much good for your body and your spirit.


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