Preschool Snack Bento

As it turns out, my youngest daughter that likes to graze all morning has been famished at school. She was trying to hit up the snack table twice in a morning, which is a no no. Her teacher requested I send an additional snack for her, in case she's hungry. Every morning, she seems to be hungry and comes home with an empty snack bento.

Please don't let this reflect on my breakfast selections, she eats breakfast. I promise!

granny smith apple sprinkled with lemon juice
sharp cheddar cheese


  1. That's a perfect snack!

    I'm worried about M in Kindergarten. She can't go without a snack in the morning.

  2. I just came across your blog and I hope you return with the new school year with more posts!!

    I don't have kids, but I recently decided to go bentostyle with my lunches, since I bring lunch to work and I don't have a fridge/microwave to store and reheat things. Plus, it requires me to be more intentional about having a variety of foods in my meal (fresh fruits/veggies, etc.) rather than just packing the leftover pot roast in a tupperware without anything else. I'm here in Boulder too, so thanks for the tip on Whole Foods and Peppercorn (I just went to Pacific Ocean Market to see if they sold bentos with no luck). My tupperware and silicon cupcake wrappers works for now, but I would love something a little smaller.

    Thanks for sharing!


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