THE Single Best Thing For Your Health [video]

A friend of mine, Christy, shared a link to a video (below) and it caught my attention. It struck a chord with me because I simply realized it was something I could achieve. I didn't need money for gym membership, I didn't need special equipment, I just needed to say yes.  If we think of our day as 24 hours, there's no way I can have an excuse to not dedicate 1/2 hour (or more) to my health. I mean there are still 23 1/2 hours left in the day.

So I took the video to heart, laced up my shoes on January 1st, and left my excuses back in 2011. Here's my record of how I've done this week so far, from my DailyMile profile. If you work out regularly it's a great place to record what you've been doing and also a great support system. Please join me.

Those workouts listed are in miles. A few of the days are hikes, which I prefer, but the trails are a crapshoot in the winter. The trails can be icy and snow packed in spots making them hard to navigate. Today I took to the sidewalks instead so I could be as efficient as possible with my time (got 5 miles in 1 hour completed). 

I know this video is 9 minutes long, but if you think of the 24 hours you have in one day, what's 9 minutes? It's less than 1% of your day. So watch it, let's change our lives...

Confession, I do love these white board style videos! 


  1. LOVE the post Denise! And that video really resonated with me, my husband and our family too! I mean, I'm a total sleep deprived new mom and I'm managing to get half an hour in. I swear, if I can, ANYONE can! :)
    I'm so impressed with you getting out there EVERY SINGLE DAY! Wow!
    My goal is five to six days a week, but I should really at least walk on my off days. Doh.

    PS - how the heck did you get the snippet of your daily mile page INTO a blog post?! I'm so not techno savvy. I want to learn how to do that, perhaps for a post next week. The one I'm working on now is supposed to inspire me to get back into the working out mindset. My body is doing the motions, but my heart isn't totally in it again YET!

  2. Awesome video!I am going to show it to my boyfriend who I am always trying to encourage to get some exercise- even 30 minutes of walking. His mom had a heart attack a few years back and I just worry that he's waiting to have one to change. I tell him, "heart attacks aren't always warnings!"


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