Sometimes it's just one foot in front of the other...

I had a one foot in front of the other moment this afternoon. I was completely absorbed in front of the computer sorting through photos, finding missing audio files in my music library, and uploading some videos online. I think about how often I put those tasks off, but in the moment I realize how incredibly slow the process is. How simply sitting down for a few minutes turns into a few hours later.

At one point I headed outside for a walk. The wind had been whipping for the last few days and even though there was a chill to the air, the potential for upwards of 75MPH gusts was slim, so I simply bundled appropriately before heading out.

I randomly turned on a playlist just to check to see if the earbuds I was putting in were the ones that weren't broken (we have a pair floating around with no sound in the left side). The playlist I turned on was a Ben Harper album I don't listen to very often anymore, but for some reason I committed to it during my walk, rather than my usual upbeat Michael Franti. Ben's music makes me feel comforted, I've been feeling rather fragile the past few days and there's nothing like knowing the words to every single song that can wrap me up like a blanket of content.

I nixed the complaining about the cold weather and focused on Ben's words. "You're love is the warmest place the sun ever shines, my morning yearning".

If I am being completely honest, I didn't feel much like going for that walk, but I went anyway. Damn you lack of motivation it's JANUARY FIRST the most motivating day of the year. As I was walking home westwardly, the sun was slowly dropping behind the mountains. I had to take a quick moment to snap a photo of the cloud that was hovering right above the Rockies, being gently highlighted by a setting sun. I laughed appreciating Mother Nature's humor for all I could see was a trendy photo booth moustache made from a cloud. Maybe it was my reward for putting one foot in front of the other.