Tuesday Tips: Genetically Modified Produce, Labeled With PLU?

Now that self checkouts at grocery stores are more common, we have come to understand what a PLU (price look up) is on produce. Typically it's a 4 digit code used to ring up produce found on a small sticker or rubber band. I'm surprised Monsanto hasn't figured out a way for their bio-engineered crops to automatically grow with a built in PLU code somewhere on the outside of the flesh, cutting out that darn sticker producer middle man.

Anyway, I have not tested out this information I am about to share. Maybe we can all just keep an eye out the next time we are grocery shopping. I've read a few articles which state that conventional produce has a PLU of 4 numbers, say for example bananas are 4040. Organic bananas have a 9 in front of the number, which would be 94040. I've never run across them in the market, but I heard that genetically modified produce would have an 8 in front of it, so genetically modified bananas would be coded as 84040.

Keep your eyes peeled, let me know if you see any PLU's in the produce department that start with the #8 (maybe even snap a photo)! I'll be doing my own research on my next shopping trip and I will report back with my findings.