Oh My Goodness... I'm here, I'm there, and I am no where.

While my absence was hardly planned, I was definitely not on a beach sipping fruity cocktails being delivered by sun kissed cabana boys. Instead, life just happened. A cold virus moved through our house, started with one, went to another, then me, then onto J. Somewhere in there we also had a stomach bug, which I had a few days later complete with a fever for like 12 hours and woke up the next day, fine. Very odd. The only one to escape that bug has been J. Fingers crossed for him, he's spared the stomach bug.

When everyone was doing well enough that I did not have to monitor them after bedtime, I have been escaping to the gym. Yes, me at a gym! I know it sounds odd to say, but I'm loving the ability to walk out the door and work out in a controlled environment. I was so set on "hiking everyday", but the cold and wind and ice were getting tiresome. I wasn't able to workout at a pace I wanted to because I was navigating the icy trails. I'm doing a trade at the local gym, so my membership is free, which is really a win-win situation for me.

On a related note, I'm digging the treadmill.

Let's see, viruses galore getting passed around the house, a new gym membership, hitting the treadmill, some big school changes next year (totally unexpected, but GOOD), a job interview and an email stating the position has been filled, lots of contemplating about the future and how our decisions now will affect our girls. I also got hooked on the show The Vampire Diaries.

Life is not short on excitement these days. I'm back. I'll fill in all those gaps, I swear.