Running: My Breakthrough Moment

I simply want to remember this moment. The moment I consider to be my breakthrough, mental walls collapsing all around me and there I am...

Running, smiling, and still running. Still Running?!?!?!

I've struggled with running, deeming myself a walker, but always wanting just a little bit more than walking. My body never moved at the pace my mind thought I should be moving at, so I felt frustrated. To top it off I would constantly battle my mind that would tell me over and over, it's ok to walk now. WALK NOW. You can walk now. Over and over. Every time I stepped on the treadmill it was like this mental battle, mind vs. body and trust me, my mind has some kick ass will.


I just kept at it. Everyday or as often as I could, I'd return to the treadmill and walk. Sometimes I'd run, maybe squeak out 12 minutes, 5 minutes, whatever I could. I always tried to push myself beyond my comfort (walking) zone. The oddest thing about my run or walk dilemma, is that I don't huff and puff when I run. I can feel my lungs expand and contract filling with cleansing oxygen, growing stronger every day. BUT... I'd still find myself return to walking, it was this huge mental obstacle for me.


I stepped on the treadmill tonight. After 5 minutes of walking I upped the pace and just started to run. I have a focal point off in the distance I like to remain in constant contact with, kind of like when you are trying to keep balance in a yoga pose. I just kept coming back to my focal point, the #50 on a weight machine about 15 feet in front of me, then it was a simple black knob on a white machine. Focus, move, and don't think about running, just move. Keep moving. Oh my goodness, I'm doing it. Move, run, move.

Whatever works, right?

It was absolutely euphoric. I did it. I ran for 25 minutes with no slowing down. I knew it was there inside of me, I just had no idea how to unlock it.

Now this whole other journey starts.

[photo is of from my cool down, it will be a reminder of the moment]


  1. That is incredible, and gives me hope. I have never been a runner, always a walker.

    Think I got it in me? Should I go for it??

    Is there hope??

    1. I absolutely love walking, but I just felt deep down this pull to keep trying to run. To go for it. I believe you do have it in you! You absolutely do. I highly recommend motivating music and if you are working out on a treadmill to pick a focal point and just zone in on it.

  2. Yippie! Congratulations. Now take that feeling and multiply it by twenty...that's how it feels when you achieve that same zen running outdoors. You can't zone out quite as much (or if you do, you'll have scars like I do) but the rhythm of nature is pretty motivating.

    Good work lady.

  3. It's all SO mind over matter. I've found that I've enjoyed running the most when I haven't pressured myself about it. Right now, it's two miles. There is something about the small distance that makes me happy (and doesn't hurt my knees). I walk up and down hills on the treadmill for two miles first so my cardio is more like 40-50 and not just 20! But the key has absolutely been to find the combination I enjoy and not push myself to do more more more.

    I agree with Tarable that running outside is the best - but the area around where I live is too hilly. Uphill running wipes me out and downhill destroys my knees. But pre-kids I used to run along the Potomac River in Alexandria, VA and THAT was amazing.

  4. You go, girl. Really :-) So, so excited for you.


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