Start Showing Up

Mt. Crested Butte, Colorado
While inevitable that a days worth of actions are not going to be chock full of delight and wonderment, I can't help but fall back on the statement, start showing up. I go through phases of my attentiveness to home matters, my personal goals, and what exactly I want my waking hours to accomplish. Maybe one day it's nurturing friendships, another it's taking on a new adventure with my girls, always shifting in my mind thoughts and actions knowing variety is one key to maintaining my personal happiness.

Recently I've been showing up at the gym, on a variety of hiking trails, and on the yoga mat, which makes me realize that I haven't been showing up in other places. Like this blog for example. It's a little give and take. Only so many hours, what do I want to do with them? Instead of focusing on what I haven't been doing, I'd rather set my sights on how to better incorporate the things I've been neglecting into my routine. Those three simple words, start showing up, are my new mantra. Breathe them in and most importantly create the actions. It's funny when you start showing up, you begin to recognize what showing up means, and that is a powerful way to shape your life and relationships.

How about you, where do you want to start showing up?



  1. HA! Yes....I did need this today.

    BUT....I have to show up at the grocery store because my family will be showing up at the dinner table expecting food later today. And my house is a wreak from unpacking our life from the suitcase yesterday!

    I love this mantra.....will be sticking it on my mirror.

    Thanks friend!

  2. Hmmm, simple but powerful concept. I think I spend way too much time in my head thinking about stuff to do or berating myself for not doing it, so this might be just want I was looking for.

  3. Not having thought about this topic much lately but ruminating over it here a little, it makes quite a bit of sense that motivating oneself through this kind of tough-love mantra is a valuable tool. A self-pep talk to get in the game is the way we need to recharge ourselves when what is obvious to us (when we take the time to stop and think about it) may not be apparent to others on the surface.

    I like your angle of showing up as an indication of making one's presence felt, on having an influence, on getting in the midst of the action, of diving head first into the fray and then sorting things out from there. But if we instead fret over how we're going to do something and plan, plan, plan something into the ground... we're often just psyching ourselves out and stalling for what we don't feel comfortable confronting. I think we even subconsciously fill in our lives with extra fluff to convince ourselves that we don't have enough time yet for such lofty goals.

    But then to add an extra layer, we have people who can articulate this pattern, such as you, reminding us that we need to keep this up. So while a self-pep talk can carry much of the oomph we require, many times that whole process needs to be jump-started externally. It's hard to wake your own self up out of a slumber if that's what you've gotten yourself into. This makes me think of that first push on the swing, which is then followed by a series stretches, leans and kicks. The initial push gave us the impetus we needed, and then we have to continue with self-pushing. And if we start to tire later, we might be in line for another push from the outside.

    I've heard psychologists say that in many respects what we're looking for in others we already have inside us, but we just aren't seeing it clearly. This resonates so well with what you've presented.

    I like the idea of not worrying over the incidental items left undone but keep moving forward. There are always going to be some things we can't accomplish due to the simple logistics of daily living. Some force wants us to focus on that, but it's self-defeating.

    Words of wisdom like "start showing up" going over and over in my mind can reinforce what I already believe but may lack ample ambition for. I'm going to use this one since I already have a blog visualization of it. Ultimately, I think what it tells me is that I need to start showing up for my own life. This is almost too cool for words to be feeling it in an active way.

    Thanks for showing up here, Denise...

  4. I like this mantra - I need to adopt it! I have too much on my plate, I feel like I'm always thinking of what's the next thing I have to do... actually exercise is the ONE place where I'm showing up. Gotta start somewhere! Thanks for this good reminder.

  5. Good point too. Need to get my head in the game as well. ;)

  6. I love that mantra. I feel like I waste a lot of time going over lists of things I have yet to do instead of just being in the moment of doing one of them. I'm a person of action and I find I do some of my best thinking while doing something.


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