Eat Play Love Has Arrived...

Nothing quite solidifies the fact that one has truly arrived more than encountering a mug in a retail establishment, with their online identity emblazoned on it. Now mind you, this gorgeous hand made in China mug, was found at Home Goods. The words Eat Play Love are emblazoned on not one, but two sides and it serves about 40oz (I'm not kidding). Talk about boutique quality.

I snapped up both available mugs. I sent one off to my inaugural fan club member. I may have also requested that my inaugural fan club member take over as President, due to the sheer and overwhelming response for membership in said fan club. I mean, I am like blogging royalty now aren't I? My own mug, cast off at a unique and affordable Home Goods store?!

Bring it universe, I'm owning you.



  1. YAY!! I"m the President!

    I'm going to use this opportunity as practice for when I run for PTA President.



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