Tuesday Tips: Budget Bathroom Organization! Find What You Need In A Snap.

Our home was built in 1962, we have one large cabinet for storage in our bathroom that is separated into a top and bottom. On the bottom we store our towels and in the top we store all of our toiletries, medicines, and related products. The cabinet is not deep enough to fit a shoe box size storage container, so for the past year I had a very disorganized cabinet. I had a couple of rubbermaid containers sideways, trying to organize all of our go to products from nail clippers to neosporin and it was a disaster. I was getting so frustrated every time I needed an item and had to spend 5-10 minutes digging around these bins or on the shelf sitting out loose.

I finally had enough! I knew there had to be a better way.

It dawned on me that I could use food storage containers to help me organize the bathroom cabinet. Plus, it helped me break down the supplies into smaller easy to find categories! I made a minor investment at our local $1 Store, I didn't feel like I needed name brand containers for this project, so the money in my opinion was well saved.

I took my cabinet measurements with me to the store and actually measured out the width on the spot, finding the containers that fit the best. I had a guesstimate as to how many bins I was hoping to fit on the shelf for my needs, I actually got 3 extra bins to fit which I was excited about. I had the stickers in my office, so the only out of pocket cost was $12 for the bins. Unfortunately I do not own a label maker or this project would be perfect in my mind. I have turned 3 haphazard shelves into 1 fabulously labeled and organized shelf of bins. I have 2 extra shelves of space now, I keep our go to items like hair ties, hair dryer, brushes, and vitamins on one shelf, which I would like to pick up open bins for.

The best part is how efficient it is to find an item and now my family members know exactly where to put an item back!

Categories I used to label:
Sharps (nail clippers, hair scissors, razors)
Nail Polish
Fever/Allergy (thermometer, ibuprofen, tylenol, allergy meds)
First Aid (band aids, arnica, neosporin)
General Creams (calamine, diaper, anti-itch, ace bandages, rubber gloves)
Sinus/Cold (sinus rinse, saline, vaporub, lozenges, cold calm tabs)
Asthma (inhalers, spacers, flow meter)
Hair Care (shampoo, conditioner, styling products)
Mouth Care (floss, toothbrushes, lipbalm, toothpaste)
Face Care (cleanser, lotions)


  1. looks great! we can never find our thermometer, so we have a special labeled space for it on our shelf.

  2. You are a genius!! I'm doing this to our bathroom when I get home!


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