Bucking The Food In Pouch Trend! Applesauce In A Bowl? SAY WHAT?

We were casually strolling the aisle of our local warehouse store today, even though we had all we could do to navigate around the other sample obsessed shoppers, when my girls caught glimpse of the organic applesauce on the go pouches. Comparing to retail prices for the same pouches, it is a deal at around .50 cents a pouch, but today I put my foot down. I feel like those pouches are such a waste, as far as I know they can't be recycled. Yet more plastic straight to the landfill.

Now don't get me wrong, I absolutely enjoy the convenience of them for on the go, but I have found my girls eat them mainly at home. I find little yellow caps poking into my bottom when I sit down on the couch. Little flattened pouches find their way into the most precarious spots and by that I do not mean the trash can!

Today, I opted to purchase a 4 pack of jarred organic applesauce instead. Price per ounce doesn't even compare it's so much cheaper, plus there's only 4 jars to recycle, or better yet reuse on our home. If the girls need an on the go snack, they can grab an apple with it's natural packaging, SKIN. I feel rather disheartened that modern conveniences have brainwashed our kids into thinking cool packaging is better than just eating the real deal.

The trend stopped with this mom today, I'll have no more of it!


  1. I admit to buying the plastic, only because the nutrition facts are more exact (re: carbs/calories). Unless I invest in a food scale, of course... (Though I'm getting better about buying pudding in bulk.)

  2. I agree with you 100%! We buy organic applesauce in a jar, and spoon it out into bowls or cups for the kids. I refuse to pay extra so my kids can slurp food out of bag (and this goes for ANY type of food), not to mention the environmental impact we'd be contributing to. Packaged food has reached crazy levels lately.


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