Subjected To Interpretation

Yesterday I spent the morning in the hot sun, digging in the dirt, planting seeds, and putting the final finishing touches on my garden. I was literally covered in a thin layer of dirt from my left cheek bone, to the underside of my forearms, dirt was caked under my fingernails, on my knees, and down to the skin in between my toes. After getting out of the shower I slipped on an army green linen dress I picked up years ago in Venice, Italy. The dress flows and is airy, perfect for a hot afternoon after a morning of garden laboring. 

I sat down on my favorite chair in the living room, iphone in hand, opening Instagram simultaneously. The linen dress I was wearing is very long and I've gotten into the habit over the years of pulling it up before I sit down so it doesn't tug and pull at the delicate linen fibers. The camera was open and snapped a shot of my legs freshly propped up on the coffee table. Normally I delete those unintended photos, but today I liked the way the light hit my leg and arm. The photo had a nice abstract feeling to me, so I posted it. I'm sure it took more than a quick glance to even figure out what the photo was of. I didn't think anything of it until I opened IG later that evening to see 10 comments on my photo. Lots of ?, a NSFW (not safe for work), a meow, easily the sexiest photo of 2012, another friend asking if I lost a foot since he last saw me... Then a text from my husband commenting on my update. 

Oh the interpretations.

I can easily laugh at the trying to be sexy angle because really I've never put myself out there in that way. I'm not joking when I say, I don't think I could post a sexually suggestive photo of myself, EVEN IF I TRIED. For what it's worth, I am right handed and that's my left hand in the photo. Left handed, not my style. 

As for the photo to the left, it was a quick moment, clearly subjected to many interpretations.


  1. It doesn't matter your intention. It is what is in the minds of your friends that determines the interpretation. And now you know we are a bunch of pervs.

  2. I kind of dig it :-)

  3. If you use your left's like someone else is doing it.

    Or so I've been told.



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