Unexpected News Of The Best Kind!

A week ago we received a simple email that provided a rush of emotions and some mixed feelings, coupled with excitement. Sj had been offered a spot next year in a school that I tried to get her into for two years with no success . It's not just any school, it's one where I started out my teaching career, and one I've remained connected to for 17 years. This school will afford my girls the opportunity to spend the next 5 years together, that prospect alone is incredibly thrilling to me!

While our decision wasn't just simply made, we had many thorough conversations about what ultimately was best for Sj. She's embracing moving on from her school, not with out lack of hesitation, but feels excited by the new opportunity and change. She's made incredible strides in her emotional maturity in the last year and I really feel like she's ready to take on a change of school.

Since making our decision, with both girls moving to the same school next year, I've had some incredible moments of happenstance which deserve their own posts... I've been left feeling like, is this really happening? Our time is simply our time, the universe has shown that to me in one short week.


  1. Fantastic news! And now I want to hear about the rest...

  2. That's wonderful! It really is nice to have the kids together at one school. Can't wait to hear what else is happening!

  3. How exciting! My sister and I attended the same schools from K- 12 (even though she was 2 grades behind me). It's a great experience.


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