The Adventure: 3 Weeks In New York...

I can clearly remember back to the moment when I was on the final purchase page for our tickets to New York, I pulled up the calendar at the same time and was double checking my days, I sensed a few moments of hesitation. I methodically clicked back and forth, wondering if I was really going to go through with it. Our trip would be three weeks long, with J joining us on the front end for the first 6 days, and I would be solo with the girls for the last two weeks.

I joked with my parents, I am really doing this, say the word if you think it's too long. No, no, of course not too long, we can't wait to have you and the girls! Just do it!

The reality is, we hadn't been back to my home town in two and a half years, and the girls were begging me to go. I started making a list of all the things I wanted to do with them and three weeks didn't seem like a stretch. Granted I knew there would be moments that wouldn't be all happy, happy, joy, joy, but I hit purchase anyway. G in particular didn't have many memories of being in New York and I wanted to change that. I wanted the girls to see all of their family members that never come to Colorado to visit. Boy were we accomplished!

Here's some of the adventures we had, which I am sure will inspire some posts of their own:

  • New York City with the girls, complete with a train ride to Albany
  • Visiting all of their Uncles at their houses (the girls have 5 uncles)
  • Soft serve ice cream tour
  • A trip to coastal New Hampshire, yeah Atlantic Ocean
  • Visiting their cousins
  • Swimming
  • Cruising on a boat 
  • Spending time with their 3 sets of grandparents and even a visit w/great grandma
  • Family dinners
  • Playing at the playground of my childhood elementary school
  • Seeing the NYC Ballet at my favorite outdoor performing arts venue
  • Going to the Museum of Modern Art in NYC as a family
  • Learning about humidity and heat indexes ;)
  • Hanging out having a boisterous good time
  • Trip to the New York State Museum in Albany

As I was packing our luggage to head home, G turned to me and said, "I sure am going to miss visiting with everyone." I feel grateful my girls are so social and travel well. I hope our trip is one they will always remember.


  1. What great memories you have all made :) So glad you had a great time.

  2. You were so busy! I can't wait to hear more about it. I also think you are VERY brave for traveling so long without your hubby.

  3. Good for you guys! There's something special about being able to visit someplace for an extended period of time...especially a place you grew up. I'm sure the girls appreciate their East Coast roots even more now.

    (Selfishly, SO glad you're back...)

  4. What an amazing luxury to be able to leave home and travel for three weeks! I'm sure many great memories were made. Can't wait to hear more in detail!

  5. Sounds fantastic. I now really want to go. Isit my parents :)


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