Life Still Has Firsts

Remarkably for one of the first times in my life, I walked away. I can't quite grasp if I was so incredibly exposed, fragile, and vulnerable so I put up walls greater than the Chinese or that I just couldn't handle the emotional state I was experiencing. I've always believed that engaging in conversation that typically escalates to something more than conversation is the best way to go. Get it out, let the words that need to be spoken go, and be done with it. I have a hard time holding things in. I don't stew well. I don't always run with initial emotions, but within a day or two, I typically need resolve.

But not this time, this time I walked. It's good to know I can be grounded in moments that encapsulate for the first time in my life. It seems like I've been craving those more and more these days.


  1. Yeah! Good for you! (I have no idea what the details entail, but that's okay. YOU GO, GIRL.)

  2. p.s. This JUST NOW (on the 10th!!) showed up in my Google Reader! I had no idea you posted it on the 1st! Bizarre...


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