My Mother Of The Year Trophy In NEON PINK!

The tears were rolling down her face in the moment she had gotten hurt, which was definitely out of character for my tough girl. A ball bent her pinky back in a game of dodgeball. I got some ice for her and we set off for lunch. There wasn't much swelling when we got home and I didn't even offer her an ibuprofen. I went through a laundry list of questions I thought would help me indicate if there was really something wrong with her finger, which I anticipated was sprained. The pain wasn't bad, she could bend it, but 6 hours later it did look swollen. When she flipped her palm up, I could see bruising on her finger. I decided to call the nurse line and she felt like Sj should be checked out within 24 hours.

I immediately gave her ibuprofen and sent Josh off with Sj to get an Xray at Urgent Care, rather than wait for our Pediatrician in the morning. The text I received shortly there after, fractured pinky. My girl came home cheery as usual with a silver splint on her finger and we made a follow up appointment with an Orthopedic Doctor. That's when the cast appeared.

The cast is a neon pink reminder to me, to not drag my feet. A BRIGHT REMINDER, that my girl has a high threshold for pain, which isn't necessarily a good thing when coupled with me being all casual with my armchair Dr diagnosis. Most importantly the cast is to protect her, so her finger can heal quickly especially with school starting, I'm not as worried about her bumping it into everything. The cast has proved cumbersome only when bathing, I've been wrapping it in a towel with two plastic bags on it. On the up side, she was the cute new girl in fourth grade with a cool pink cast. We'll never forget the start of school this year, especially me with my girl carrying around the neon pink mother of the year trophy. Please tell me people don't save stinky neon casts as mementos...



  1. At least it's a cool color!

    When I was young I was (this is slightly embarrassing) dancing around in my room and I did a fancy twirl and landed wrong on my foot. I hobbled around to get to the bed to elevate it because I was home alone at the time (maybe I was 12?). My family returned to find me laid up and my mom didn't believe me that it was hurt! She made me wait until the next day when it STILL hurt and was swollen to take me to the ER. She probably still feels bad.

  2. Oh - I think you did fine! Many would have put it on ice and made an appointment to see the doctor the following day (not stressing about the elapse of time).

    The fact that she was hurt stinks - but her cast definitely gave her an edge at school. So weird how kids covet casts and crutches and ALWAYS have!

  3. You did exactly what I would've done! I think, what most parents would do. So don't beat yourself up at all!

    My daughter saw the pic on this post and asked how SHE could get a pink cast, too. When I told her she'd have to break her finger, I could see her brain working overtime, trying to figure out how to break her finger without really hurting herself, lol.

  4. Poor Sj. I think she picked a lovely color! Stop beating yourself up, pinky's are kind of bendy.

  5. Cool way for your daughter to stand out. heh.

  6. Yikes!! These things are hard to call, don't second guess yourself. What a great accessory for the start of school ;-)

  7. It's not just kids that covet casts and crutches. I'm a grown woman, and I still get jealous when someone I know gets a cast. I've always wanted one for some reason. And after all these years I still haven't gotten one yet


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