Craving Space In Our Space! Operation Purge!

Isn't that a coincidence, I was just thinking the same thing.


I don't believe much in coincidence because all too often it's brushed off as a moment of chance. Whereas I firmly believe, there are no coincidences. Our thoughts and ideas attract unto other's and by ways in which we can't quite explain, just by merely opening our eyes to the possibility we recognize less happenstance and more meant to be.

Which leads me directly to a simple moment that has taken me down a path I've avoided for sometime now. A friend and amazing photographer, Tracey, updated on Instagram last week how she was feeling consumed by her clutter, how she felt like she had been there before, but really wanted to escape the cycle. 52 comments later on the photo and it was clear Tracey opened the conversation by saying what so many of us want to say, but all to often refrain from doing. I became a part of the conversation, I wrote down a few book titles, and it was that simple moment that seemed to flip the switch for me.

We are just a few weeks shy of two years in our home. Two years to settle in, two years for all the boxes to be unpacked, and two years for so many new things to come into our home. Two years for my huge walk in storage closet to feel overwhelming packed to the gills. KEEP THE DOOR CLOSED AND FORGET ABOUT WHAT'S REALLY GOING ON runs through my head countless times a day. A day doesn't pass when I need to go in there for something, crafting supplies, a bin of clothing, to put away or take out decorations, a new light bulb, wrapping paper, mending kit, I'm telling you this closet is the keeper of all things. Then when I really think about how stressed out my disorganized, but was once beautifully organized closet is, my brain takes me on a journey. A journey to all the places that make me anxious. The large drawer of the buffet, the cabinet below the silverware drawer, the top bin in my bedroom closet organizer, the hall closet, oh and the linens strewn in all the wrong places. My youngest has outgrown all of her pants and when I easily pull out the next size up bin of clothing from her big sister, I also realize that her dresser is currently a disaster.

There is no end to the vicious circle of how deep the organization has to go to really get my shit in control. NO END...

So I request a few books from the library, but most importantly the first one to arrive on my hold list is Peter Walsh's, It's All Too Much. He's an organizing celebrity, made famous by Oprah's network and quite possibly TLC years ago but my memory is fuzzy on that one. I remember seeing his show, envisioning big blue tarps that become buried in the owner's possessions he pulls out of the home in a weekend. I consume his book in a day. I set my sights, talk to Josh and the girls, and everyone gets on the same page.

It's Operation Purge.

I am freeing the smallest nooks and crannies from the clutter. Everything shall return to it's proper home and many, many things shall be sent off on a donation truck, or in a trash bin because I just can't maintain the chaos. I'm fabulous at keeping mail, bills, and paperwork in their precise location, but laundry? Heck, it's been my downfall for decades. Try the bin on my bed, no the pile on the couch, or wait maybe it's in the dryer. Sorry honey, I was confused, your leotard is not clean, check the mountain of dirty laundry on the laundry room floor. I don't have a hard time letting go of many things we no longer need or use. My problem lies with my motivation to do the work. I've become complacent and accepting, it's just how it is. Oh it's not so bad, just as long as I keep the guest room door closed. Well guess what? I don't want to keep the door closed anymore.

I want every room, closet, shelf, and drawer back. I'm not quite brave enough to post photos, but I may take some tomorrow. A memento of life before, a life that will no longer be. I'm ready to be free and relish in a space that has space.

To be continued...


  1. I definitely had moments like that. Especially now that I have family coming for Thanksgiving! Good Luck!

  2. I'm in that odd place where we aren't fully unpacked and yet it feels like a disaster zone in some spots. Our office (or what could be a kid's room if that happens for us) has been renamed "the wedding room" as everything from the wedding is dumped in there. I really want to create systems but that requires buying more furniture and we have to hold off on that for now (thanks to the wedding spending). I'm desperate to get one room finished!

    Good luck with your project- can't wait to hear about the results.

  3. You can do it! I do a monthly purge and it definitely helps me keep my sanity. Especially with all. that. baby. stuff.

    Oy. Good luck.


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