If You Give Denise a Couch...

If you give Denise a couch,
she may also love a new end table to put her cup of tea on.

When you give her a new end table,
she may realize that her old rug is a bit small for the room.

Before she puts down the gorgeous wool rug,
she imagines how beautiful the hardwood floors would be if they were refinished.

Once the hardwood floors were refinished,
she would need a new fancy steam mop to keep the floors beautiful and shining.

Then she realizes her towels are so old and dirty that she could use them as rags to clean the floor,
after she was done cleaning the floors she would happily put her dirty rags into her new front loading washing machine.

If she uses her towels to make cleaning rags,
she's definitely going to want a set of new matching towels so every shower would feel like a trip to a fancy spa and hotel.

Wanting life to feel like a fancy hotel everyday,
she would love one of those tempurpedic mattresses to lay her head on every night.

In the morning after her wonderful night's rest,
chances are she would ask for breakfast to be served at her anything-but-oak-laminate dining table, something preferably solid wood, and stunning to a keen eye.

After the meal was finished,
she would load her new Bosch dishwasher, wipe down her Viking range, and put away the eggs in her Sub Zero refrigerator.

Simply after running the household,
chances are she'll want a comfy couch to relax on when the day is through.


  1. Awesome! There is something to be said for making a cozy home where you love to hang out!

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE this. And now every time I read one of these books I'll be thinking of you! :)


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