Let's Hear It For, Date Morning!

Sometimes life gives us a little nudge to seize the moment and when I do, I feel like patting myself on the back. Just a couple of weeks ago, Josh and I recognized that we could have a few hours to ourselves after dropping the girls off at school. While we have great intentions to have a babysitter for a regular date night, we also recognize how much a date night hurts our wallet. The night out is great, but dropping $50-$75 after getting home is the real stinger. Nowadays we tend to reserve babysitters for events, not so much for a casual night out. Double ouch. 

Shall we agree, staying creative is the key to a happy relationship?

I hike with girlfriends or alone through out the week, simply due to when I have the free time. I rarely get to hit the trails with Josh, until our big revelation. With things slowing down a bit at work for Josh, we are loving an occasional weekday morning escape up the mountain and a nice breakfast to finish off the date. I believe it's time for date morning to gain popularity. Here's a photo of us from the top of Royal Arch, a trail we had never hiked together. Firsts are an amazing thing, when you've spent 22 years with someone. 


  1. The cost of a babysitter alone makes me thankful for having 4 sisters-in-law that all live within walking distance from our house! And not only are babysitters costly, it's hard to find one crazy enough to want to babysit 4 children, of which two are infant twins - oy.

    I think it's lovely you're getting creative and venturing out on weekdays =D

  2. I love this idea! When Adam and I were training for our last half-marathon, we would tell ourselves that our long runs were like date nights. But in the morning. And with more sweat.

    Good for you two!


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