NaBloPoMo: Blogging For Blogging's Sake

Autumn nesting, turning back into oneself. Reexamining. Staying present in the home, in the heart. Returning to the kitchen, something is always baking, soul nourishing soups and stews. Time to recharge.

Maybe even, it's time to blog again.

I dug up a post from 2009, the last time I attempted NaBloPoMo, National Blog Posting Month, and realized I had a very successful 24 posts. I'm impressed with myself, 24 posts in a month, I'm not quite sure if I've written 24 posts in 2012. Alright maybe that's an exaggeration, but truly not much of a stretch. It's time to fight the resistance and embrace this space that I've given so much to.

Long story short, I'm back to try my hand at blogging. I have so much to say, it's time I honor that.

You can find the NaBloPoMo Blogroll hosted over at Blogher now. I guess NaBloPoMo has grown up since I last participated.