All Roads Point Within

Courage is recognizing one's weakness, but having the confidence to accomplish what you set your mind to. In the past few months I had so many days of facing situations that made me uncomfortable (example, walk in closet) that I finally drew the line. Enough was truly enough. I held onto to a thread of hope, a simple notion of how I wanted my home to feel. Wheels of motion set a plan of action into place and literally within moments I could feel the confidence to keep the momentum going. I'm still working towards creating a space that feels representative of our family, but I am no longer overwhelmed by how much I was disconnected to my space.

Which leads me, to me. 

I took for granted the routines I had set to help keep my body and mind in a good place, a place where I was content. I'm back to a darker place, a place full of negative thoughts, and a place where I am feeling defeated. Which means it is absolutely time to do the work. Time to establish my healthy routines again and start feeling better about putting on a pair of jeans. If I owned a scale, I would latch onto a number that I am sure would anger me. Instead, I'm just going to focus on how I want my jeans to slip over my hips with ease and how a belt instead of a roll of fat would be a great addition to my look. 

Shoes on, pavement your about to get pounded...



  1. You go, Girl! You know what you need and are stepping out to make it happen. xo

  2. Good Luck, Denise! I too and desperately trying to fit into my favourite pair of jeans again... seriously, December is the worst time to diet, but I NEED TO. :(

  3. Best way out is always through. Keep going. :-)

  4. After you start exercising again, the eating will follow. You can do it.

  5. I am on for a buddy cleanse! Let's start January 2nd!

  6. Serendipity - just went shopping yesterday for the first time in a long time - it was dark indeed. Doughy...puffy...ugh! Remember how we felt after the detox last year? Wonder if there is a way to ease into that gently even during the holidaze? Small steps & best wishes from my Creative Oasis to yours - Jill


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