Celebrating 21 Years

Today Josh and I will celebrate 21 years of being together. It's our original anniversary, the anniversary we celebrated for 6 years before getting married. By my calculations it's a celebration of spending 5 years of sleeping together, with an average of 6 hours of sleep per night.  It's a celebration of having the courage to pick up and move across the country, having faith in chasing our dreams, and living that dream in Boulder, Colorado the place we call home. It's a celebration of living together in four apartments, a rental house, and now the second home we own. It's a celebration of two of the best things we created as a part of our commitment to love, our amazing daughters.

It's a celebration of opening a door at a party as a teenager and recognizing something incredibly charming about the young man you just met. It's about friendship first, just the right timing, and resilience, it's about give and take, and picking your battles. It's a celebration of sticking it out and knowing what's on the other side when we power through the hard times. It's about recognizing just how far we've come and that would be a long way baby.

It's about cherishing one of the greatest gift a human being can know, a soul mate.

It's about love.



  1. Love this. Congratulations on 21 years!

  2. Awww...this is lovely. Hope you guys had a great day together and here's to 21 more!


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