It's All Good

As I tugged and yanked the slipcover off my favorite white chair, I may have cursed my love hate relationship with it yet one more time. I allowed too much time to pass in between washings and I was appalled with it's current murky condition. As I walked to the laundry room it took a simple fixation on a little blue spot to get a tidal wave of thoughts rolling through my mind.

I'm done settling...

I've settled for a long time with notions such as that's just how things are, it's all too much, that's how he's always been, that's what she's like, and the comfort of there's always tomorrow. I'll start tomorrow or Monday, the inevitable Monday promise that winds up coming and going like there's no tomorrow. Hardy har har. All of those notions? Settling.

As the water rushes from the backside inner lip of the washing machine I snap out of my thoughts. I convince myself the stains will come out, like they always do. I walk out of the laundry room and look directly into the mirror. It takes me a moment to look deep into my eyes and even though I notice every one of my flaws, I embrace that I don't have tolerance for inauthenticity. I accept the wrinkles, the blemishes on my chin, and the worst haircut I've ever had. I turn away oddly enough smiling, knowing in my heart, it's all good.

It's all good.


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