Tuesday Tips: GMO News! Vote With Your Dollars!!!

Let's face it, every dollar you spend is like a vote. When you walk into a market, the way you shop is directly correlated to the products that grocery store stocks on it's shelves. Unfortunately in this day and age, companies have become savvy about their packaging and it's hard to know if you are supporting a small mom and pop company or a global food conglomerate.

This just happened to us tonight, my husband was holding a Dagoba Chocolate bar in his hand. It's got the paper wrapper, it's organic, the labeling is top notch, the cacao is Rainforest Alliance certified and my husband was SHOCKED when I told him it was a Hershey product. Is it really that big of a deal, picking up a candy bar that looks full of integrity, but all profits go to Hershey? Up until last month, I may have given you a different answer, but after the Proposition 37 (right to label GMO initiative) failure in California, I have very small wiggle room in my tolerance for the companies I support.

Proposition 37 opposition raised $46,000,000 in support from chemical companies and Big Food. Proposition 37 supporters raised $9,000,000 from small organic companies and organizations.

Here's a list of companies that top my grocery list, every time I shop (GREEN), this chart is not representative of the final tallies in dollars from the Prop 37 fight, the totals above are:

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In search of more information on the conglomerates that own Organic Companies, read this post


  1. Thanks for sharing this! I'll definitely be making sure I'm supporting the companies on the green side. I'm quite surprised and disappointed at some of the companies on the red side!


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