2013 Is A New Year For The Well Intended

I applaud the first day of January. There's just something about the reset of the calendar that gives me a nudge to try again. My motivation strengthens beyond compare and all of my fraught ridden attempts from the year that has passed, slips into the fleeting memory compartment of my brain.

In the spirit of recognizing how to reach my potential, my intentions are going to look a bit like this...

I shall walk to the library to return my library books, not just merely in an attempt to avoid accruing overdue charges on my account, but also to benefit from the exercise. I resolve to not accrue any fines this year on my library card, as well as to read more books.  After my brisk walk to the library, I will indeed use my reusable grocery bags when I pop into the market to pick up groceries for the meal I had already planned out, the prior Sunday. I resolve to meal plan this year! I most certainly will be picking up kale, chard, or spinach as leafy greens are on the list to consume MORE OF. I will saunter past the crunchy super crappy for me snack aisle with out any rising desires to just grab a small bag for the girls. Although I don't always say it aloud, deep down I know how much clean eating benefits my body and mind. On the walk home, I want to reflect upon the gratitude I feel knowing our home is just blocks from the library, wonderful cafes, the grocery store, and my favorite hiking trails.

My intentions are to seize the opportunities that are put in front of me and to create the ones that haven't come my way yet. I'm ready for 2013, so ready.


  1. Love your resolutions! Especially read more & consume more spinach! Spinach is my new BFF ;)

  2. Great intention- love it! Hope 2013 is just what you need it to be.

  3. Yes! Yes! Yes!

    Let me know what you're reading. I look forward to seeing you around the hood.


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