In My Skin

On this glorious sunshine filled summer day, I am riding my bicycle with a yoga mat peaking out of the top of a wicker basket that's attached to my handlebars. My body has a warm sun kissed glow, my lips are glossy red, I'm wearing obscenely short Lululemon speed shorts that accentuate the legs that push me to 5'11". There's no chance I'd hide these thighs after the work I've done to earn them. My hair is gently blowing from underneath my helmet because even though this is a fantasy, I never forget the small details such as safety. My left arm rises making a 90 degree angle, signaling to the cars whizzing by me that I am taking a right hand turn. My femininely toned bicep catches my eye. My torso isn't hidden under a baggy tank top because I lost my muffin top one emotionally charged lifetime ago. Now that I look a little closer, I recognize this is where I am suppose to be in my skin.

I forgive myself for ever doubting this is who I've always wanted to be. I forgive myself for spending years hiding in a body that just never quite felt me. When I envision the feeling of being in a body that is my ultimate ideal, my motivation allows me a stepping stone to arrive there.

Just right there, in my skin.

Yes, I can.



  1. I love the imagery on this. Best to you on your journey to actualizing this dream!

  2. I agree - beautiful, real, inspiring images. As we met while online while doing the Whole Living 2012 detox a year ago - I'll share that I'm revisiting some of those wonderful recipes as I dive into the new year and my own brighter visions of my 2013 spring and summer self. :) All the best from my healthy creative oasis to yours - Jill


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