Tuesday Tips: Simple Organizer For Kid's Art Supplies

Right before the holidays I had met my tolerance for the girls' art supplies. While I completely adore all of their cut, colored, and glued creations, I couldn't take another day of finding art supplies scattered on every available surface not to mention errant marker caps under the table. Of course inevitably there was also the constant search for a glue stick or scissors. 

Mom, have you seen my mechanical pencil? 

Finally, I came up with a solution to share! In the past my initial reaction would be to run out shopping to find "just the perfect" bins to organize their supplies, but not this time. I simply walked into my organized storage closet and found a basket to house all of the supplies that I thought would be a manageable size for both the girls to handle. Next I eyed a couple of smaller bins to store the markers, erasers, glue, pencils, and scissors. 

Here's the finished basket:

crayons, markers, scissors, pencils, erasers, glue, and a pencil sharpener

Here's the  contents of the interior baskets, which are easy for the girls to remove:

Part of my strategy was to throw away all of the old half dried out markers and the broken crayon stubs. I simply purchased a brand new set of markers, put out unsharpened pencils, and bought the big box of crayons. My girls were mesmerized by how lovely it looks to have all the crayons in the big flip top box together. The bonus of having two smaller bins inside is that they can easy remove them when they are coloring on the floor with out having to dump the entire bin. 

I've found the best way to keep my girls on top of their things is with simple tools to help make their job easy. We are about 2 months out with this new organization system and it looks like it will be a keeper! 



  1. Perfect! I now keep a bucket on our kitchen counter full of pencils and pens. Sick of rooting through junk drawers.


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