Window Shopping My Imagination

The sidewalk is cold and grey, but one’s eyes immediately are drawn to the sparkle and shine that is flowing from the store’s window display. Delicate glittery birds, as well as the latest hand knit mitten collection, dangle from the edges of heavy branches, which appear freshly gathered from a neighboring forest. Just beyond the antique solid wood and iron door lies the most delicate trinkets and finest clothing in one magical space. Upon entry not only are the eyes searching from one end of the store to the other, a subtle fragrance becomes welcoming. The nose naturally follows the scent, which later presents itself as a hand poured candle made from an exquisite blend of essential oils. Rich mahogany wooden tables hold vibrant woolen sweaters, the latest trend setting denim, and are sprinkled with perfectly curated accessories such as sunglasses, scarves, and seasonally appointed hats to complete any ensemble. While the look is casual and chic, the care and precision that merchandise is displayed does not happen by mere chance. A single stroll through the circular floor plan reveals the marriage of wisdom and vision, which leaves the most seasoned shopper returning for more.



  1. Nice writing. Very evocative stuff. Senses aware today?

  2. Nice writing. Very evocative stuff. Senses aware today?


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