Enough is Enough! Whole30 Challenge, Week 1

Sometimes the ball starts rolling with a pair of jeans that don't easily button. My mind quickly reasons that they must have accidentally been placed in the dryer, of course shrinking them a bit. Truthfully the dryer excuse doesn't quite answer why my shirts, heck even my underwear, aren't quite fitting the same either. I go through weeks of mental torture, avoiding mirrors, wearing leggings and dresses, or the Boulder staple stretchy yoga pants. I am well versed in the typical avoid, avoid, avoid behaviors until one day, I pulled the scale out from under my bed. I dropped all of my clothes to the floor and stepped on with my eyes closed. My right eye opened first, peaking at the number just above the tips of my toes.

A number, I was finally ready to digest. I wrote the number down on a piece of paper, knowing there was no way I would allow it to grow any larger. I will admit, it made me sad, but it also was the swift kick in the ass I needed to motivate myself to change my bad habits. 

I started trying small ways to change my habits, like only putting one tablespoon of Torani Vanilla Syrup in my coffee in the morning, instead of two. Or eating an egg sandwich with one slice of bread, instead of two. Huge effort, huh? The numbers on the scale weren't budging. I think one day I lost 1/2 a pound and stepped on the scale two days later to find it back to the original number. 

A few days after my half hearted attempts at changing my diet, a friend mentioned to me the name Whole30 and the book associated with the website, called It Starts With Food. So I went home, put the book on hold at the library and start poking around on the website, which happens to be full of tons of great information. I have a conversation with Josh, share some of the basics of Whole30 with him and he quickly agrees to jump on board. 

We started the program on Saturday and haven't looked back! So what is Whole30? Basically it's committing to 30 days of eating whole foods, it has also been associated with the Paleo Diet.      

No grains
No sugar
No legumes
No alcohol
No dairy
No white potatoes
No processed foods

If you were to look at my plate for a meal, 1/2 would be vegetables, there would be small serving of fruit, a small serving of healthy fat (like avocado), and then about a palm sized amount of lean protein. Boom! That's it. I've had an incredibly successful week on Whole30. I've attended a birthday party, book club, celebrating a soccer goal with my girls at an ice cream shop, and not once did I break from my commitment to Whole30. If you do have a slip up, the calendar resets and day 1 starts the very next day. Even though it is NOT encouraged by the creators of Whole30, I've been weighing myself. I needed some reinforcement, coming from such a defeated space. 

The Whole30 program agrees with my body very well. I don't feel hungry at all, I am not craving sugar (which is very out of the ordinary for me), and I have tons of energy. I started riding my bicycle again when the weather warmed up and I've been averaging about 10 miles a day in the saddle. Two weeks ago, I didn't get out of bed until 10 am. Day 3 of Whole30, I was out of bed and cycled 10 miles before 10am. The difference is that dramatic. 

Going into week two, my energy level is up. I remember this feeling clearly from doing my annual Whole Foods cleanse in January. I will be posting photos of my meals in the next couple of days, if you are interested in seeing what amazing foods I've been eating. 

I feel like this experience may just be a game changer, opening up a new way of eating for me! 


  1. My friend Holly at Holly Would If She Could blog has been paleo for a long time and is friends with the couple who started Whole 30. She might be a great resource too. She wrote about her experience with Whole 30 too. :-)

    1. Thank you, I'm going to check it out. It's nice to surround yourself with people who are on a similar path! I get lots of hostility and resistance from many when trying to talk about food.

  2. Nice work lady! Great to hear that things are working out well so far!

    1. MMMMMMM... this kool aid is so good.


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