Let Me Count The Ways, Mom

Mother's Day always seems to pry open the floodgates into the memories I keep tucked away from my childhood. My mother gave birth to 3 boys in 4 years and I came along much later, when the youngest of my brothers was five and a half years old. In the majority of my childhood memories, I find myself by my mother's side. My brothers were school age when I was a baby and as the reel plays over and over in my mind, I am always my mother's sidekick.

My mother had a very natural way of making me feel special as a child. When I recall the simplest of gestures, they always bring a smile to my face. Sometimes it was how she'd press a penny into the palm of my hand and nod to get a handful of Chiclets gum from the machine on our way out of the Italian Market. Or how she'd always leave a bowl of rice aside for me when she made stuffed peppers, so I could enjoy it with sugar and milk. Every birthday cake came from her oven. I don't believe one night passed when my mother wasn't there to tuck me into bed. There were countless times she did without something, so she could use the money to provide for us. Every school performance my eyes nervously searched the crowd to find my mother, who was always smiling back in a reassuring way, basking in the glow of our achievements. I'll never forget the moment she buttoned me into her wedding dress, on my wedding day, 35 years after she gracefully wore it when marrying my father. Even into adulthood and 1,800 miles between us, she has remained by my side.

And now? My memories have transformed in ways I never quite imagined, as I experience my mother become Nana to my girls. The greatest gift I have given my parents is the gift of being grandparents. Their spirits are so vibrant in the girls' presence. I have the joy and great fortune to watch my mother give unto my girls those small moments that I know will leave an everlasting impression upon their childhood.

On this day, home in Colorado basking in the joy of being a mother, I know my mother is right by my side. Thank you mom, I wouldn't be half the woman I am today without you.



  1. This is such a beautiful post. What a lovely relationship you have with your mom!


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