Our Nintendo Wii U Commercial Experience

Back in March I was contacted by an ad agency that works with Nintendo. What felt like moments later,  my entire family was on a conference call with the creative folks behind an ad campaign they had in mind for the Wii U. A few days later I received an email asking us if we wanted to fly out to Seattle to shoot a commercial for Nintendo. We happily agreed. Our entire family was flown to Seattle and we spent a day filming and getting a red carpet tour of Nintendo of North America's headquarters. To say I was giddy about this experience would be an understatement. I've always been a Nintendo fan girl and it all started when I was 12 years old. If someone told me decades later I would be standing in Nintendo, as a special guest, to film a commercial I probably would have laughed off the notion!

I soaked in the entire experience and realized how incredibly lucky and special it was for us to have this as a part of our family's history. When we walked in the doors, all of our names were displayed in the lobby on a huge screen, welcoming us. During part of our tour, we were allowed to shop at the Nintendo employee store, it was amazing like a small version of Nintendo World in NYC, our names were even displayed in there! We ate at the Mario Cafe, rubbed elbows with the creative geniuses behind Nintendo (hello, even more amazing). I must confess, when they were filming us leaving, Mario was there holding the door for us, waving goodbye and I was brought to tears. Those were tears of gratitude and happiness.

A couple of weeks later, we were contacted once again and told our footage was selected to be used in a commercial campaign!!! After I got over the initial shock of that news, I couldn't wait to see the commercials. Not more than a week later I started getting texts, messages on Facebook and Twitter from friends so excited that they saw our family in a Nintendo commercial while watching Hulu!!! One was even during Jon Stewart and that almost made me faint!  I also love to play Words With Friends and apparently the commercial is playing on there as well. I never did get to catch the commercial "live". I tried for quite sometime to see it on HULU, but it was a real life needle in a haystack scenarios. So many friends were happy for us, it made me happy. We've had an overwhelming positive response to the campaign. The number of times people took time out of their day to tell me I had a beautiful smile brought me to tears. They loved the girls and how truly excited they were for the experience.

Being a part of Nintendo's history, made me proud as well. Even though we aren't considered gamers in that community, we most certainly are casuals. Nintendo is a part of our family's experience and I love experiencing the Wii U with my daughters! I truly wouldn't have it any other way, the WiiU brings us together for special family time, we learn how to work as a team, work how to embrace our competitive nature, and laugh a ton.

Nintendo has truly changed our lives, I am forever indebted.

Here's the 30 second commercial:

Nintendo also produced a 2 minute 30 second video for their website. It is hosted on their site, so you have to click through and watch it there. I hope you enjoy!

Wii U Videos, The Haskins Family 

Disclosure, I was not paid by Nintendo to write this blog post, nor asked to do so. We were compensated for our trip to Seattle and for our work filming the commercial. This post is simply to share our experience! 


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