Inside My Cocoon {with audio}

 (Listen to my read through)

I live in a cocoon with walls miles upon miles deep. While one's imagination may quickly wonder how it feels to live in darkness, trapped tightly inside grey, flaking, and papered walls, I implore you to understand the walls of my cocoon are translucent. My cocoon is filled with sunshine and happiness, it's filled with displays of affection and endless possibility, it's filled with the goodness I have consciously created. There is no limit to the people that make their way on the inside and I am often humbled by those that join me here. I see flowers on the foothills of the mountains, green rolling hills just simply embracing the rock filled mountains that shoot into the turquoise blue sky. From the summit,  one may be lucky enough to see a smooth sand filled coast mingling with the ocean waves, in and out. In and out. As the mind often begins to run away in splendor, do not imagine a place of perfection inside this cocoon, that simply doesn't exist. Rather, imagine a place better than one known in the past, a place that has come from good intentions.

On occasion, I reach my hand up and find little deviations in the walls, that on most days I forget are even surrounding me. A few little pock marks have been known to give way to cracks. It's fairly common knowledge that cracks are prone to leaks. Sometimes a drip hits my cheek unexpectedly and I look up, but don't see the source. It takes me back, but not quite far enough to lose my footing, I carry on. Then on the most unexpected of days, a storm cloud settles just above one of the cracks I absentmindedly pushed out of my line of vision. Endless scores of debris pound through the crack and even though I feel a circle of love surround me, the pain comes sweeping in with all force and glory knocking me to the ground. I curl up into a ball in search of comfort.

When the sun rises tomorrow, it will be time to patch the hole. Most importantly it will be time to remain constant on the path I've chosen, for out of the pain will come the strength to begin anew.



  1. I love my cocoon too. I'll admit though, the cracks worry me. This was so beautifully written and such a positive way to look at the lives we're building.


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