Boulder's Best Parks: CAVE PARK [Arapahoe Ridge Park]

Even though the first time I visited "Cave Park" was about 15 years ago, it wasn't until this morning that I learned the real name of the park is Arapahoe Ridge Park. Cave Park as we so lovingly call it, is one of the most unique parks we've ever been to. In complete contrast to modern synthetic playgrounds, the focal point of Cave Park has a beautiful flagstone play structure complete with tunnels and mazes, built right into the landscape. Cave Park provides such a unique experience for kids, as it's so completely different than the usual playground experience. It's a great way for kids of all ages to develop climbing skills, comfort level with dark and tight spaces, and a real sense of independence! There's really no hand holding through the tunnels, kids must explore on their own.

There are other components of Cave Park, but they are dated. There's a shiny metal merry go round (warning, it gets dangerously hot in the sun), a very small toddler sized structure which is a great distraction for the littles not ready to explore the cave, and a few of those bouncy wire animals!

There's also a shaded picnic structure with a grill. There's a beautiful field adjacent to the park, so remember to bring a kite, frisbee, or soccer ball!

Toddler friendly: Yes
Big Kid Awesome: Yes
Bathrooms: No
Picnic Shelters: Yes
Cycling/Scooter friendly: Yes, there are many paths that surround the park! 
Features: cave/maze structure, large grassy field, neighboring tennis courts and baseball field at Eisenhower Elementary. 

Arapahoe Ridge Park
Boulder, CO 80303

Local Tip: Head east on Kellogg Circle from Eisenhower Drive and park at the end of the cul de sac. From there you can walk down the path to the park!



  1. I love this park! Probably because it's five minutes from my house. In addition to all the fun climbing for kids, I found myself getting into the act and dusting off my bouldering skills. Good times!


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