Boulder's Best Parks For Kids! Foothills Community Park (w/Photos)

Boulder is known for it's Open Space and Mountain Parks, but it's a bit of a hunt to find the playgrounds that are true gems. Through a series of posts, I am going to highlight some of our favorite parks to help cut out the legwork for anyone looking to go on a playground adventure, be it a local or just a visitor passing through! 

Toddler friendly: Yes
Big Kid Awesome: Yes
Bathrooms: Yes
Picnic Shelters: Yes
Cycling/Scooter friendly: Yes
Features, rock climbing, bouldering to slide down a big slide, neighboring community gardens

Foothills Community Park is a park complex in North Boulder, west of Broadway off of Cherry Avenue. The highlights of this post are from the playground that is featured off of 7th Avenue and can be tucked away from the Community Gardens portion of the Foothills Community Park (related, I couldn't find the playground until we went off searching on foot). 

There truly is something for everyone at this park! The toddler park is in a different section closer to the community gardens on 8th and Cherry. The "big kid" playground had so much variety for my daughters who are 9 and 6 years old. There are trail systems connected to this park as well, so bringing your bikes or scooters would work great! 

Foothills Community Park
Boulder, CO 80304



  1. Great post--I am looking for a fun place to play with my 3 year old granddaughter in Boulder and your photos and hints about parking, along with such an exciting description are just what I had hoped to find. Thanks!


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