Reading Food Labels, Do Americans Have The Right That Consumers Have In 64 Countries? Labeling GMO's, A Debate.

This is a great informative news segment: My favorite part of the video is when the representative of the grocery industry says consumers don't need to know if a product contains GMO's because they are safe and it's just a confusing label (as we would assume that makes them unsafe). I will follow up his statement with this, why as consumers do we need to know juice comes from concentrate? That's a label that is in place, do we assume concentrate is bad for our health?

Personally I want to know if the food I was about to eat was injected with foreign proteins in a laboratory and treated with high levels of toxic chemicals. Let's not confuse our RIGHT TO KNOW with chemical companies bottom line or their ability to buy elections and legislation. Currently our system puts corporations before people and the lack of information available to consumers leaves us feeling confused. While we believe the USDA is protecting us, it's appalling to find out that they don't even conduct tests on the safety of GMO's, but rather allow companies to submit their own tests. WHAT? Let that rattle your brain a bit.

A label is not a burden, but rather a tool to best educate us as a consumer. Why is a label such a threat to the chemical companies that produce our food? That seems to be the multimillion dollar question that our generation is facing.