Be Yourself {with Audio}

(Please note, I am experimenting with embedding an audio read through of my blog posts. See player below, if you would like to hear me read it through)

Wednesday is typically the day of the week when I sit down on the couch after dinner, but within moments find myself swinging my feet up and propping a pillow behind my head. I reach down and grab the wool throw, taking extra care to cover my feet. Wednesdays are for melding into the down wrapped sofa cushions and letting go of all the things I should be doing. A pipping hot cup of tea was placed on the table in front of me turned in just the right way, be yourself was staring back at me. A simple message hanging off the tea bag string.

Be Yourself.

In my mind I see a woman sitting on the ground with her knees up close to her chest and her arms thrown around her legs. There's a rounded wall of smooth grey rocks built up around her, not so high that she can't see over, but definitely high enough to protect her. Her head occasionally peers out above the top layer of rocks and sometimes when she sees something off in the distance that makes her uncomfortable she casually lowers her forehead to rest on her knees. Her face is hidden out of plain sight and the grey rocks do their job comforting her. Some days she just sits and taps her toes feeling at ease, but other times she steps beyond those boundaries and feels the sunshine penetrate her skin, the wind blow in her hair, and exactly how it feels to just be immersed in her world. The calm ebbs and flows allowing chaos to catch it and in precise moments chaos may overcome the calm. The calm never slips away, it's always within reach.

Tonight the calm presents itself as a cup of tea and a simple reminder, be yourself.


  1. I think you may have just set a precident for you posts. I'd subscribe to that podcast!

  2. I love the sound of your voice. Very soothing!

    When I picture are high on a mountain above Boulder with your arms stretched out and your eyes closed.


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