Filled With Possibility, The Makerie Summer Series: In The Home

The Makerie is a weekend creative retreat that was started by Ali DeJohn and is hosted in one of the most picturesque parts of Boulder, Chautauqua Park. From my interactions with Ali, she's a woman that dreams big, and actually turns those dreams into reality for others to experience. It's amazing to watch grace spilling from a person, that's truly how I would best describe Ali. Ali has mastered the art of detail and those details just compliment one's Makerie experience so profoundly.

This summer, The Makerie was offered in a series, all of which had different focuses in a one day gathering instead of the weekend long retreat. Creative classes were taught by artists complimented by lovingly prepared food from the farm by Chef Katie of EAT Catering. The Makerie session I attended was called In The Home and was hosted at The Lyons Farmette. I actually won a ticket from Whole Foods Market in Boulder, a Makerie sponsor, which made me feel like the luckiest person on earth!

Just imagine this, a day long creative retreat with classes taught by amazing women from our community, at a farm with food prepared on site. If you are wondering if I had a spectacular time, I may convince you that spectacular would be an understatement. It is such an incredible blessing to be offered a day to just feed your soul. I unplugged from my everyday life and let go of so many things that typically hold me back from being creative. I embraced the opportunity to gather with women, who I would come to learn so much about through out our day together, who were filled with such intrinsic beauty. We laughed, we got glue stuck to our fingers, we made silly faces at one another while we donned safety glasses before using the drill press, we worked together to create gorgeous letterpress items on antique machines. As the sun began to set, we dined together on food that was prepared with such love, and fresh vegetables grown just beyond the backdrop of our day. As we raised our glasses to toast the culmination of the labors of love for everyone involved in making the day possible, I easily shed tears of gratitude for a day that so beautifully complimented my life. I realized the opportunities I have are far and few between to experience such synergy in a creative space.

Thanks to the Makerie, I became filled with possibility. 

Here's some photos from my day:

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Fabulous artists that were brought into my life at the Makerie, Studio 22 and Bird Dog Press.

A video which captures a beautiful glimpse into The Makerie:



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