Fun With Wacky Apple Flat Fruit!

Now that we are packing two lunches everyday, about once a week I get creative and surprise the girls with something out of the ordinary in their lunches. I love using small little cookie cutters of letters and shapes to create fun things out of flat fruit! We all know how nice it is to have fruit in our pantry to add to lunches when we haven't gotten to the market, that's why I love Wacky Apple!

They nibble on the fruit before eating their sandwiches or play around with the shapes until after they are finished. The flat fruit is fun to do many things with and a bonus, the girls find it a sweet treat to replace a processed sugar dessert!

Thank you Wacky Apple for the box full of goodies to make my girls bentos wonderful! My favorite part of Wacky Apple is that it comes from Colorado and is Organic! Non organic apples carry the highest pesticide loads, so we try to buy organic apples as much as possible.