Hacking Senior Citizens' iPads 101

This story may make you laugh or make you cry, unfortunately it saddens me. My father has owned an iPad for a couple of years now. He's not very tech savvy and is of the persuasion that if you tap hard enough on the glass, the iPad will respond appropriately. Sometime last Spring I backed up his iPad to my computer because it had never been backed up before. I made the mistake of not logging out of my iTunes account first before backing up his iPad. Hindsight is 20/20. If you ever back up someone else's iDevice onto your computer, simply log out of your iTunes account first and the odds are good this won't happen to you. Or simply don't be nice and offer to back up someone's iDevice at all.

A few months later, when updating applications I was prompted to enter in my father's apple ID password on my iPhone. I found that very strange, but quickly realized applications that we both shared became corrupted. Now don't ever say to an Apple employee the word corrupted because one, they won't believe you and two, they find it hard to believe something like this could occur. There is no quick fix, except to delete the confused applications and install them fresh. After I did that for Pandora and Temple Run, I have no longer been prompted to enter my father's apple ID password on my iPhone.

Then yesterday, this happened...

I received a text message and email from my father, see above. Maybe he was feeling heated having to wait however long the folks over at Candy Crush make you wait to get more lives and so he took it out on me, but I find his accusations endearing. He believes I have been spying on all of his iPad activity because of our confused applications. I couldn't quite think of the right moment to come out with the this, but truth be told I have developed software to hack into Senior Citizens' iPads. I have some solid data on their Candy Crush, pinball, and slot game activity. I have been collecting the data and entering it into a spread sheet where I will one day use the evidence to...

....do absolutely nothing.

While my father was in a huff about the confusion with the Apple ID's (that was a screencap of mine that appears on his). I had to break it to him that I actually have better things to do with my time than to spy on his iPad activity. More times than not in my family, Seniors and technology just don't mix.

Should I send him a link to proper usage of you're and your?

ps..Hi Dad! Thanks for blocking me on Facebook! You saved me the trouble!