2014: Nurture

nur•ture |ˈnərCHər|

  • care for and encourage the growth and development of...
  • help or encourage the development of...
  • cherish (a hope, belief, or ambition)

I love the idea of focusing on a word to shape experiences in the new year ahead. My word for 2014 is NURTURE, it came to me fairly easy and hit home hard. I was most drawn to nurture because it feels limitless and open. There are so many aspects of my life to nurture: self, family, my blog, friendships, our home, my marriage.

Unfortunately, I feel like a great expanse of time has passed when I have failed at nurturing many of the components of my life. I experienced a moment of clarity when I set my intentions in my new purple notebook, for the new year ahead. I cannot change the past, but rather recognize and work towards better nurturing more aspects of my life starting this very moment onward. I know I'm capable of digging deeper from within and truly living my life more fully and with gratitude.

The photo above was taken at the beach in Santa Barbara, California and is a wonderful reminder of my trip in November, a trip that was very self nurturing. Maybe I was subconsciously planting the seeds of the new year when I went away solo. I've created a nurture label and I am going to start using it in 2014 for all the moments I find myself nurturing my world. I'm so ready for this!

I hope you come along to see where my nurturing takes me...