A (new) Year of Possibilities

I walked around and around the display of journals before noticing another wooden shelf with neatly stacked notebooks in various sizes. I was attracted to the medium sized lined journals with a soft cover, it was a two pack in shades of purple that were calling my name. They were just the right thickness, giving me some hope that I could actually fill one early in the New Year. I laughed to myself when I realized how much effort I put into choosing a journal.

Confession, I've never filled an entire journal from cover to cover before. 

It's always been a goal of mine to fill a notebook, maybe even feel some tension as my thoughts spill onto the last few pages wondering if my thoughts will be longer than my notebook. Deep down I know it will happen, someday. Maybe that day will come in 2014.

I bought the two pack of notebooks so I could write down my intentions for the New Year. I'm not quite sure if resolution is the proper word to describe what I'm feeling, but none the less my mind wanders through out the day with endless possibilities of what I want to accomplish in 2014. Then I started wondering, is it silly to hold onto the New Year bringing forth a wave of change, a rush of confidence to accomplish tasks big and small? Ultimately I've decided, I'm not silly. I don't ever want to  become a person that stops being full of possibility and wandering thoughts. If it takes the turning of the year on the calendar, then so be it! Filled pages of my journal may inspire blog posts and blog posts may inspire my journaling. Either way, more writing is what I've been craving.

Do you set your intentions for the New Year? You still have time. Dig out a notebook and let your thoughts wander.