Listen To Ben Harper

I pulled my rental turquoise Mini Cooper up to the Granada Theatre in Santa Barbara and hopped out to pick up my ticket from will call. I felt so lucky to be inside this sold out show, I had booked my travel arrangements to California before I even had my hands on a ticket in. I can't quite put my finger on what it was, but as I was about to go into the show I stopped. I swiftly turned around and walked back to will call and asked if there were any released tickets. The woman said, actually we do have some released tickets.

"I've got AA dead center. That's front row," she said from behind the mahogany counter pointing at the screen.

Her words may have come out in slow motion or my heart may have been pounding so hard that everything else around me stopped, it took about a millisecond for my brain to say yes, for the endorphins to start rushing, and then finally my mouth caught up with everything that had just overcome my body.

I'll take it.

When I join in the audience of a Ben Harper show, it affects my deeply. The words, the music, the soul that is poured into a show transcends my experience. Seeing Ben Harper live may remind me of a piece of myself I lost or he may be leading me to the person I am becoming. It's more than likely both and why I keep returning for the last 16 years. Sometimes even on a special occasion, I am able to speak with Ben after a show. Each time I am fortunate enough to have a brief moment in his presence, I am reminded of his genuinely humble spirit. Ben has an uncanny ability to just look you directly in the eyes and make you feel like you have his undivided attention (insert weak knees).

My beautiful acoustic evening in Santa Barbara was topped off by a signed poster, a signed setlist, and a photo with Ben. The poster reads, Dear Denise, thank you for the front row love! Ben Harper. I'm the one that can't thank him enough for being such a gift to us. Until the next show...

Here's a playlist of songs I recorded at 3 of the shows I saw. Denver, Santa Barbara, and Los Angeles:

A special mention to Josh, for booking my airplane ticket and hotel room and of course for encouraging me to get away. Swoon.