Absolute Peace, A Walk In The Storm {with audio}

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As I pulled back the curtains and paused to see snow heavily falling in my backyard, I felt delighted. I walked over to my closet, perched myself up on the very tips of my toes and blindly stretched my arms to the top shelf looking for my buried long underwear. I pulled them out, along with some wool knee high socks, a pair of Josh's synthetic outdoor pants, a scarf, hat, gloves, my insulated boots, and down jacket. Bundling up always reminds me of my childhood when I learned how to embrace the long winters by making snowmen, sledding, carving out forts in snowbanks created by plows, or ice skating. For some reason the appearance of huge dense snowflakes gently floating to the ground just brightens the nostalgia inside me.

I hit the sidewalk smiling.

There was a wintery chill to the breeze that was blowing unwelcome snow off the trees onto my cheeks, the only part of my body that was exposed to the elements. Before I even reached the end of my block, snow began to collect on my hat and subsequently my eyebrows. Occasionally a snowflake would gently cascade onto my eyelashes before my body heat would melt them away. I trudged my way through the calf deep snow collecting on the concrete sidewalk. I lost my footing a few times, not really being able to tell where the sidewalk ended and the road began, the snow just created a dense white path.

My steps felt rhythmic as I plotted my way around the lake. My eyes gazed west, looking for a picturesque reward, but the beautiful mountains were socked away in low hanging storm clouds. Instead my attention was brought closer to the foreground. I made my way off the path towards the shore, embracing the solitude and peace that was surrounding me. A few dozen cattails were holding strong this winter and they looked so lovely against the calm surface of the lake. Standing there I realized how the snow beautifully created an acoustic insulation and for a few moments I allowed myself to feel so happily alone in the world.

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