Avocado + Honey Face Mask, Spa At Home in Minutes!

My daughter and a friend wanted to recreate a Spa experience while they were having a playdate. I couldn't say no, I thought it was a very fun idea, so I turned to the internet for natural face mask recipes. I have no idea why avocado and honey make a good face mask, but I will say the honey certainly helps to keep the avocado sticking to your face. Our mask did not turn out anything like the photo, so I would suggest using an immersion blender or throwing the mixture in a Cuisinart, as our mask turned out very chunky and well the chunks would slowly give in to gravity.

Dissolve the honey in the hot water, mash in avocado (or use a mixer). 
Apply to face with fingertips or a brush. 
Avoid your eyes and mouth. 
After 10 minutes, rinse with warm water. 
Enjoy the glow! 

This photo shows the texture of the mask. Next time, I will use tools. 

Not pictured, the girls using the cucumber slices to dip into the avocado mask, apparently it even works as an appetizer. Talk about double dipping.