Farewell, Wasteful Applesauce Pouches

A little yellow plastic cap drops on the floor, I can hear it clink and bounce, all the way in the kitchen where I am preparing dinner. My daughter doesn't respond to the cap falling, she just continues writing in her journal on the sofa. The green plastic pouch now flat after consuming the applesauce contents, gets casually tossed onto the coffee table. I've fallen victim to the convenience in snack food trends, those damn applesauce pouches. After the girls go to bed, I head into the family room to catch a movie, and wind down for the night. SON OF A… I bite my lip. You may have guessed what happened, but if not I'll tell you. My bare foot stepped right on the pointy twist off side of the applesauce pouch cap.

In that moment I decided that's it, I'm done.

Applesauce pouches are overpriced and wasteful. Is it really that hard to open a glass jar of applesauce and spoon out a bowlful to our children? Is it hard to pack it in a storage container with a lid in their lunch or school snack? No it isn't. If you've totally fallen for the convenience aspect of it (I get it, I truly do), I recommend buying reusable pouches. These plastic pouches of 3.2oz of applesauce create absurd amounts of waste in favor of convenience, not to mention how long will it take for a pouch to break down in the dump? I have also confirmed they are not organic[1] anymore, over the past year or so the price has gone up about $3 at Costco and the label now states, all natural. Boo, hiss!

I just spent $9.99 for 4 jars of ORGANIC applesauce at Costco, which is 189 ozs (or 11lbs). You do the math comparing that to 18- 3.2oz pouches! If you don't know, apples have been ranked #1 on Environmental Working Group's Dirty Dozen produce list, meaning they have consistently carried the highest load of pesticide residue. I highly recommend only giving children organic apples. Plus, we all know that the apples that turn into applesauce aren't handpicked from a tree, they are the ones that have fallen and are blemished on the ground (aka seconds). What a profit these applesauce pouch companies are turning! Joke is on us!

I'm done, no turning back. Good bye wasteful applesauce pouches, I won't miss you!

[1] The brand of applesauce pouches they sell at Costco rhymes with YOYO, they do sell 4 packs of organic applesauce at Whole Foods. Organic pouches retail for about $1.10/ea.