GMO Roundup: General Mills Announces Original Cheerios Are Free of GMOs

Last December General Mills found themselves in the middle of a PR nightmare, food activists and concerned consumers put the pressure on Cheerios about their usage of Genetically Modified Organisms in their cereals. It's common knowledge that the majority of consumers look to Cheerios as a "healthy" first finger food for their babies. What many consumers were disappointed to learn was that General Mills uses GM beet sugar (cheaper than non-GMO cane sugar) and also GM corn starch in Cheerios. The main ingredient in Cheerios is oats, which are not GM.

Over the past year, General Mills has worked to create a GMO free version of their Original Cheerios. I was blown away to find an entire  GMO FAQ on the Cheerios website, I advise you to skip the comments found on that page.

Apparently the GMO free original Cheerios will be hitting grocery store shelves very soon (it's in production). General Mills also makes their FAQ very clear, stating that no other versions of Cheerios will be labeled GMO free, apparently they aren't quite ready to bite the bullet and say good bye to cheap ass beet sugar for all their cereals.

Progress indeed, still a long road ahead? Yes. I will offer up a round of applause to consumers for demanding corporations do better. We are the voice of change in an age when the government is not interested in protecting us. As for General Mills, you can do better but I am proud you took the first step.