Golden Globes, Out With The Older In With The Younger

The Golden Globes have always appealed to me because the up and coming actors get to hob nob with Hollywood royalty. Television's gems sit across the table from Martin Scorsese's muses. While over the decades I've watched my favorite Hollywood actors take over for the powerhouse generation before them, last night I felt like I was watching my generation step aside. I know it's just me, but the new comers filling the shoes of Gwyneth and Julia, just don't seem to have the same depth and brilliance. Maybe it's Hollywood losing it's depth and brilliance. Overall, I think the night was a wonderful representation of Hollywood, kudos for a well rounded representation of the finest.

These women will always be my favorite, they embody my generation:

(could't find a shot of Gwyneth solo, wink wink)

While these, I'm still learning their names:

(I may confuse Amy Adams and Emma Stone, oops. Where's Ryan Gosling?)
(FTR Amy is 39, but very much a new comer to me)

I've never seen 42, 41, and 39 years old look so good. Bravo to my favorite Hollywood men:

(Hard to believe, Jared Leto is the oldest in this group!)