My Favorite iOS Setting: Do Not Disturb

I'm going to let you in on a little secret, I absolutely love the Do Not Disturb setting on my iPhone. I will admit, I might be a tiny bit distracted by my iPhone throughout the day. I find myself picking it up to check an email alert I just received and then I'll click on Twitter for a moment, oh and I better see what's happening on Instagram. Or I'll plug in my iPhone to charge in the living room and as soon as I step foot in the kitchen, I'll hear a text message alert. Of course, I have to walk over and make sure the President of the United States isn't trying to reach me and then before I know it, 20 minutes has passed. I do silence my iPhone, but it never fails that out of the corner of my eye I'll see the moment that my iPhone lights up with a notification.

I have no willpower to ignore the notifications, whether they are beeps or flashes. 

Isn't the old adage admitting you have a problem the first step? That's why I adore Do Not Disturb. It has a variety of settings that work for me, plus it's easy to turn on and off. So let me explain what the Do Not Disturb setting is. When the setting is turned on, it silences your phone from ringing, alerts, and pop up notifications (your alarm in the morning will go off if DND is turned on). You will still receive text messages, calls, notifications, and emails, you just simply won't be alerted. It is possible to have Do Not Disturb set to allow for calls to always ring through from your favorites list or when someone calls you more than once in 3 minutes. Do Not Disturb allows you to be in control of when you check in with your iPhone, rather than notifications distracting you from whatever you are currently engaged in.

First up, in settings you will find Do Not Disturb, click on it. You'll want to decide to use it manually or scheduled. You could pick certain hours to have DND set, like from 8pm-8am, that would be scheduled. I keep prefer manual and you'll see why in the last photo.

Next up, you can choose if you want to accept phone calls when Do Not Disturb is on from your favorites or whomever you choose from contacts. This is also where you will find the setting allowing calls if it's from someone repeatedly in a short timeframe, concluding it's an urgent situation. Lastly, you can decide if you want it to always be silenced or only when your iPhone is locked. Basically if you are texting with someone or if you are engaged with your iPhone, you will get alerts, texts, etc. I keep mine on only when the iPhone is locked. If I'm using my iPhone, I do want to receive notifications and calls.

For me, ease of use is the best part of Do Not Disturb. If you simply swipe up from your home screen, the shortcuts menu pops up like an overlay. The little moon icon will turn DND on or off. If the moon appears in your bar at the top of your phone, DND is on. Once you have your settings honed in on you can simply decide to use DND at your own discretion. 

Do Not Disturb is the simplest way to have control over your iPhone rather than notifications controlling you!