Photo Tutorial: Fast and Easy Custom Twitter Background With PicMonkey

Creating a custom Twitter background takes mere minutes. The only hang up you may have is aesthetics because there are so many options and filters, it's easy to get hung up on what you like best! I did a little research and found that creating a background with the dimensions of 1280x1024 works great. 

Now let's get started! First choose a photo that appeals to you! I HIGHLY recommend using a personal photo and not "borrowing" one from Google images or someone's website, unless you ask for permission. 

This is the photo I chose:

I uploaded it to PicMonkey (click edit a photo top left):

Click the very top left menu resize tool to set the size of your photo:

Two options here: CROP (with scissors in menu) or RESIZE.
Unclick scale photo. This way you can set dimensions to 1280x1024.

I prefer resize, I didn't want to lose any part of my image.
Reminder, unclick keep proportions and percentages! 
1280x1024 and Apply green button! 

Next up, playing around with filters! 
I used textures, left menu square 2nd from bottom:

You can play around with any texture and just hit discard if you don't like it.
I chose, SPACE for my background photo! 

You can adjust the saturation and fade with the little slider buttons, 
all the settings will undo to your liking, don't be afraid to explore!

Next click the Tt in the left toolbar. 
That adds text!
Tip, keep your text in the box highlighted, 
then you can click various fonts to see which one you like the best! 

Next play around with the color, which color works best with the feeling you want to create?
Don't forget about BLEND MODES under the color selector, I really like Lighten. 

Next rotate your text by clicking at the center ABOVE your text box, until the white circle appears!

Drag it to where you would like it. 
I highly recommend putting text on either side close to the edge, that way the Twitter format won't cut off your text (see very last photo). 

Add as much text as you would like, change the colors up! 

Save! You can save with 3 different qualities. 
You already set the size, so you don't have to worry about that! 

My PicMonkey custom background! 

Go to Twitter, Profile, Settings!
Left Toolbar, click DESIGN (not in photo, I scrolled down).
CHANGE BACKGROUND, select your saved PicMonkey file.
Don't forget to SAVE CHANGES once it uploads:

My custom background:

Comments are open, in case I can answer any questions!